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Unfortunately, although your agreement is signed and entered by a judge, situations arise where your former spouse/partner decides not to follow the agreement or a judge's order.  What happens next?

You need your agreement enforced by way of a Motion to Enforce or a Motion for Contempt. Don't struggle through this alone. I am here to help and assist you in getting before a judge to enforce the agreement you and your spouse/partner entered into or enforce a prior order entered by the judge.  


There are never any guarantees that one's situation will stay the same in life.  Unfortunately, parties sometimes enter into agreements without considering circumstances that can happen in the future to both themselves, their spouse/partner or their children. 

You or your spouse/partner may have involuntarily lost your employment.  Perhaps the time-sharing schedule you initially entered into is not working for either you, your spouse/partner or the children.

If these or other situations arise, a modification of your agreement may be appropriate.  Contact me so we can discuss your options and what can be done to correct the problem going forward. 

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