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United in Supporting the Collaborative Process

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Independence Day was initially used to create a symbol of unity, and although we may feel distanced due to the pandemic and social unrest, we should still unite in supporting the Collaborative Process which is a wonderful alternative to litigation, constant delays and ZOOM hearings before a judge.

The pandemic has changed daily life for most people.  Maintaining social distancing and limiting contact with others may very well be in place for some time to come.  This new era of COVID amplifies the benefits of Collaborative Law.  A Collaborative Team's collective skills translate exceptionally well to the ZOOM platforms allowing clients to move forward in this time of great challenge in a safe and private environment wherein they are in control of their future.    In the end, the Collaborative Process enables a couple to look back and know they chose the right approach when deciding how to dissolve their marriage. 

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